Financial Period Closing or Year-end closing in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Enterprise e

This article provides an overview of the financial period close or Year-end close dashboard, related setup and links for financial year close with enhanced alerts on each task completion & tasks, which are due to complete in the new Dynamics 365 Finance and operations Enterprise edition(EE). This can be scalable to group companies, which has multiple entities or subsidies for enhanced control & much productive ways.

Below workspace displays the default workspace for financial period close, which has various components for tasks for financial close. We will discuss each components and functionalities.

Workspace for Financial Period Close

Summary:- This section has quick numbers on the Tasks. Tasks like Past due tasks, Todays remaining tasks and todays blocked tasks. These tasks are default, we can also add sections or icons depends on the business process.

Task and Status:- This section has details about tasks and status by filters. As above screen you can see default workspace provides Status by company, status by area, status by person and task list. Status by company has to default drop-downs which can further extend to filter tasks by different modules and companies. Refer below image for section which displays details by area and person.

Workspace for Financial Period Close

One of the best thing, interms of reporting or somesort of overview on the percentage of completion on the status, D365FO will also show the percentage by area and person as highlighted sections.

Workspace for Financial Period Close

Status by area which is more less by modules, This will give better control for a financial controller or group head to track and get latest update on the pending tasks and task pending from respective person or module represtativies.

Links:- Links section will be simillar to favorities, these links will give access to forms related to workspace. In this financial close, default links would help navigate to tasks and calanders. This place we can setup forms where we need to setup necessary activites for financial period close.

Workspace for Financial Period Close

Set Dependences & Attachments:- D365FO, has features like set dependence, which can be set at task level. Just to indicate and control specific tasks to perform prior to completion of next tasks planned.

Workspace for Financial Period Close

Each task has capabilities to attach attachments in specific to indicate or reference in terms of documents. D365FO provides due date ability to tag with relevant task, this will help module owners or person responsible to view their tasks assigned and to complete before due date.

Workspace for Financial Period Close

Dashboard for Responsible:- Top of these features D365FO EE, can also display the tasks due on the responsible (user) workspace as a reminders to ensure they complete on time. In addition, we can set email alerts on each task completion.

These controls and features would be much better in terms of control and flexibility in reporting & proper closing process, this future can extend for monthly closing if business process has complex practices to perform on every month.

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Nagendra Varma K
Consultant Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
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